The English language has many words for expressing gratitude: thank you, many thanks, shout out, bless you, much obliged, I owe you, you are too kind. I am dissatisfied with this palette and begin to search for a better way to express my feelings at the end of 2017. How do other languages and cultures express thanks?

I find it; the perfect way to say thanks.

Dhanyosmi is a Sanskrit phrase that generally translates to, “I am fortunate,” or “I am grateful.” Meanings in Sanskrit, an ancient language from India, are more than just literal. The first part of the compound word, Dhanyosmi, is Dhana, wealth. Dhanyosmi would thus mean, “I am thankful for the enrichment,” or “I am enriched.”

So, I say Dhanyosmi, to the editors of these eighteen respected venues for featuring my work in 2017: Flash Fiction Magazine, Peacock Journal, Foliate Oak, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Microfiction Monday Magazine, Right Hand Pointing, Jellyfish ReviewLost Balloon, Dime Show Review, Flash Flood, 101words.org, Foxglove Journal, Vestal Review, Postcard Shorts, Whiskey Paper, Ellipsis Zine, Spelk Fiction, and Superstition Review.

I am honored to have eighteen pieces of flashall stories under 1000 wordspublished this year. In addition, I was invited to guest blog at Superstition Review.

While I didn’t win any competitions, three of my stories made the short lists. Also, Lost Balloon Magazine blessed me with my first-ever Pushcart nomination for my story, Imperfect.

Until the end of 2016, I focused on longer works of fiction, as is evidenced by my novel (A New Dawn, Laurel Highlands Publishing, 2016) and my two short story collections. In fact, I had only one flash published in 2016 ( Lowestoft Chronicle).

My foray into the world of flash fiction has been and continues to be a learning experience that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Here’s to 2018 and more flash fiction.


Author: Sudha Balagopal

Sudha Balagopal's fiction straddles continents and cultures. She is the author of a novel, A Dawn, a novel, and two short story collections. Her short fiction has been published in journals around the world and nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best Small Fictions, will appear in Best Microfiction 2021, and is listed in the Wigleaf Top 50. Her novella-in-flash, Things I Can't Tell Amma, is forthcoming from Ad Hoc fiction July, 2021.When she’s not writing, she teaches yoga. More at www.sudhabalagopal.com

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