A New Dawn is Here!


The day of a book’s official release is not unlike the birth of a child. As a writer, I know it’s coming. This is what I’ve prepared for over the past few years and I am both excited and joyful with anticipation. I’ve even seen the previews through the edits and the cover design process.

Then, when I actually touch and feel the book, I am as proud as a mama with her new baby. This thing I hold in my hands is something I’ve created. And with the help of my editor and publisher, the product of my imagination has become a beautiful and real presence in the physical sense of the world. Such a wonder!

My new book, A New Dawn, has always been real in my head. Now, with the formal release of the book, the characters I’ve written aboutand lived with for the past few yearscan exist beyond my heart and my mind. They live in the pages of A New Dawn thus mingling with others, the readers the world over. Go! Go with blessings, my friends Usha, Raja, Arjay, Marcy and Veena and bring as much joy to others as you have to me. I will miss you, but you will forever be in my heart.

Author: Sudha Balagopal

Sudha Balagopal's fiction straddles continents and cultures. Her highly commended novella in flash, Things I Can't Tell Amma, was published by Ad Hoc Fiction in 2021. She is also the author of a novel, A New Dawn, and two short story collections. Her work appears in Best Microfiction and Best Small Fictions, 2022, and is listed in the Wigleaf Top 50. When she’s not writing, she teaches yoga. More at www.sudhabalagopal.com

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